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In our Hip-Hop Roundtable Discussions Series, we pick a topic, and our panel of artists chops it up. The panel consists of: Jon Black, Renzo, Wes Coas, Nasty Nique, and Dirty Dog D, with Wes Coas as moderator. Each month we also have a special guest panelist. This month our guest was Rob G. The topic for this discussion is the Business of Hip-Hop.

If you missed the first two Hip-Hop Roundtable Discussions, check them out:
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Also, after the discussion, we recorded a dope freestyle cypher with all of the artists. Make sure to check that out below as well.

We recorded this discussion at Baron Studios in Houston, Texas. Shout out to Vince and everyone there for being so accommodating. If you need any recording, be sure to check them out. Super professional studios and engineers, with a range of rates.

If you like the discussion, share it with a friend. Along with the YouTube video, you can download the full audio to listen on your iPod, iPhone, Driod, or any other mp3 Device.

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