Saturday Spotlight: Grimm Gutter

Yo Grimm!

How the hell are ya? Thanks for having me.

Where did the alias come from?

I get asked this a lot. I became who I am in the Gutter… It molded me. I was homeless, or in jail from ages 15 – 21. Hitchhiking or hopping trains across the country. Sleeping in abandoned buildings, really grimy shit.

My style, most of the subject matter I tackle, is just very Grimm stuff. I’m telling dark stories over here. And Shorty Shitstain was already taken.

Who or what is the inspiration behind your style?

Have you ever had an incident that’s completely broken you down? Has anyone close to you ever overdosed? Have you ever watched anyone die who never deserved it?
This horrible life we’re forced to live every day is the inspiration for every song you hear from me. Every day is a Day of Darkness.

“Day of Darkness” is full of pain and anger, fair assessment? What are you wanting someone to take away from it after listening?

There’s a lot of emotions on this album. Pain, anger, fear, frustration. The takeaway I think is that we all have problems. All of us are imperfect. All of us are afraid of something. All of us are ashamed.

Heard a Latin phrase on the opening track…where did the influence for that come from?

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis; It’s sort of a long version of. “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which is what John Wilkes Booth shouted when he killed Lincoln. “Tyranny results in death”, or “Fuck You, I’ll fuckin kill you” In Latin. History and Latin lessons aside, it sounded cool, and rhymed. Which is why any of us say anything. Right?

Explain the process of making Catharsis (thanks for the new word). I ask that because it’s a track full of rap, rock, metal and plenty of emotion.

Catharsis was a fun song to make. I grew up listening to metal. I still love metal. I got this beat from Infidel. And immediately got some ideas for it. My buddy Justin Peyatt from the awesome band Heroes Will Fall was on the Hook. And my good friend Brian Kizer of the bands Gorillafight and …InThisDay… blessed me with that amazing solo you hear in the third verse.
After that, Big Rela and I just did what we do. I know we both dug deep on that one. I hope everyone else likes it as much as I liked making it.

Favorite Whiskey?

Oh man, I didn’t know the questions were gonna get this personal. It’s kind of a toss up between Crown Royal and Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. Crown probably has the edge to be the favorite. But anything smooth from Ireland is usually going to be a damn treat. Bushmills or Tullamore Dew are a couple other favorites.

That being said, my wallet prefers Segrams 7. The poor mans Crown Royal.

Any interests outside of rap & whiskey?

A: I love a ton of different music. I watch a shitload of movies. I’ve been progressing as a graphic artist and audio engineer. I hang out with my 6 year old daughter a lot and have tea parties and shit. I’m in love with the coco. I get drunk and rap in my kitchen sometimes. Check out for more shenanigans.


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