Saturday Spotlight “Young Brizz”

Saturday Spotlight is back..a day late (haha). Sorry I was a no show with this last week, but I’m back with YOUNG BRIZZ.

Young Brizz is one of Philadelphia’s hottest upcoming young rap artists and has been hitting the underground scene hard for the past 6 years. Young Brizz has claimed himself to be “Philadelphia’s Most Slept On Rap Artist” but with an ambition and grind Brizz has risen to be a great songwriter and lyricist, putting strength in his music. “Young Brizz” has flourished in Philadelphia’s underground music world producing at least one strong mixtape every year since 2006. Young Brizz believes that “daring to be different & versatility holds the key to success”, this belief has guided him through his growing music career.

As Young Brizz continues to produce new sounds and music styles, he constantly performs his work at different venues, festivals, and fundraisers. His new CD ‘Different Day Same Grind’ which is available now is his best work yet. This CD embodies the variety and originality that Young Brizz is made of. His work is made to inspire others to and to never second guess being unique. Young Brizz has dropped 5 Solid Mixtape Cd’s. “Keep Sleepin” (2006), “The Crack House” (2007), “The Prelude To The Truth” (2008) “The Reality Theory” (2009), and “Different Day, Same Grind” (2009). Young Brizz’s classics records have appeared on “XM Radio”, Philadelphia’s own “100.3 The Beat”, & “Power 99” FM., “Zombie Radio in California”, and other hot radio stations nationwide. Brizz was also 13 on the Music Myspace Charts in 2006 for the state of Pa, and then later moved up to 8. Young Brizz is building to the next level in 2009 so get ready!

Here is Young Brizz’s latest mixtape “Different Day Same Grind.”


Expect to see way more of Young Brizz on REUP, and expect to hear way more of Young Brizz in your speakers.

How To Find Young Brizz on his grind:

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