Saturday Spotlight: Young D

Saturday Spotlight is back with Alaska’s own Young D. You get an interview with Young D and even a freestyle! Young D (producer/writer) has two projects coming very soon!

Young D, my dude, What UP?
Not much not much, just been dealing with school, work and trying to put these mixtapes together.

You been following the NCAA tournament, what are your thoughts on all the craziness?
Sadly, no i havent…….. havent been watching sports at all lately but i havent really been stressing about it or anything.

16 & from Alaska…what inspires you as an artist?
Well first being from Alaska where it’s dumb cold you gotta rap to stay warm…… lol naw but real talk since a youngster ive been real into music so i started writing rhymes with my best freind in 3rd grade. Now what
really keeps me on track is my idol Lupe Fiasco yeah thats right Lupe. Also my cus Jermery(AKream) famous local rapper is also a big inspiration too and hes helped me out alot too.

You produce also right?
Yeah I find my self pushin’ keys and touchin bass at least 3 times a week lol. But yeah i make beats up to now mostly on FL Studio but ive been moving over to my MPC 500. In the last couple month ive sold my first 3 beats so thats a good look.

What started first making beats or spitting rhymes?
Rappin’ def came first but producing started a couple years when Funk Master Flex dropped a beat making game on the PS2 and thats when i really wanted to make beats. Then a couple years later I got FL. But rapping has always been my headliner when it comes to this music stuff.

What are Young D’s plans for the future?
Well im planning on dropping a mixtape with all industry beats in the next week or so maybe even on a REUP sponsor….. Then what im really looking forward to is my mixtape “Microphone Dreams” all recorded at my labels fancy studio unlike all my past projects. Then a video at the end of the next week hopefully. Then the skies the limit for anything after that so I just pray that everything that happens is great.

Keep up the hardwork!..Hit us with your shoutouts!
First shoutout goes to the little homie Jay B for the only person who has been holding me down for the last couple years. Then the whole Marvel Us Music label Josh Boots, Soiled Seed, wheres Keezy, Diego(D.Hagood), Justin(Sk8Kidd), P Town Beats nigga! My cus AKream, JDub, and J Swagg. Then a big shout out to my mom, dad, and God. I feel like a won a Grammy im bout to start shedding tears and everything let me wrap this up real quick the musics starting to play and ish. So follow me on twitter add me
upski on myspace and download my mixtape.


Thanks to The9Elements for the co-sign

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