Silent The Horseman – The Purge Collection

With The Horsemen Alliance “God Gold Guns” album just a few months away, Silent decides to release a shit ton of free music.

The Purge Collections are releases of music floating in my hard drive or songs that I have written with other artists such as features that I have “sand bagged” or not personally released. The concept is to breathe “life” into these creations by purging them from my files and into the public so that the work can “live”. If I could change anything about my path in creating music it would be to never allow anything to remain dormant. I would give the world everything I have, in real-time, that way everything would reflect my current level of skill. When you have no music left to give then you are forced to create more. So with each Purge Collection I am making room for more.

Also go download Week 1 Day 1, The Cora Check: Day 2, Path of Illumination.

Shout out to:

Big P of
King of
Ace of Anarchy Studio

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