Lil Indiana – U No How I’m Rockin

The witty and unpredictable penmanship of Lil Indiana on his latest single “How I’m Rocking” takes existential hip hop to a new level of fortitude through his professional production credentials and unmatched vernacular. Lil Indiana’s rap deliveries alter between grimy rap bars into conscious and aggressive lyricism. The multifaceted portions of the music meshed with the impeccable orchestration give the instrumental an emotive quality countered with an equivalent gritty undertone. The song fortifies the street scene with an infectious quality embedded into its infrastructure and is meant to be a “Golden Age” hip hop joint. The overall timbre of the sound is wrapped in a unique tonality thrown over every aspect of the single creating an interesting transfer of frequencies that condenses the whole mix.

Lil Indiana goes against the grain of traditional rap artists and serves as a trailblazer in an everchanging hip hop industry. His lyrics hold their own weight in terms of creative innovation and do not become bogged down by an over belligerent rap beat that a lot of contemporary rappers tend to hide behind. This makes for a remarkable listen that dives deep into the imaginative mind of this timeless project. Furthermore, this single is only a small sample of what is embedded in Lil Indiana’s rap arsenal that will undoubtedly transcend the hip hop gatekeepers straight into the listening audience’s ears. Also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Youtube, Amazon.

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