Slow Sunday’s Young & Talented Edition Vol. 3

There is plenty of maturity in the rap game Jay-Z, Raekwon, Bun B…etc, but this isn’t about the mainstream oldies. This is for all the young starving artists that aren’t legal or are barely legal. I sent out tweets and spammed a few comment boxes throughout the internet just two days ago looking for young talent. I think after very little time I came away with a bunch of dope tracks from all over the country. I’ll be introducing them by name, age, and location with downloads after. Some of these kids have that it fact and some with some guidance have the talent to progress into something special.

Young D is a 16 year old rapper from Anchorage, Alaska. He is currently working on a mixtape called “The North Face” droppin’ 10.05.09 and an album called “Since ’93” shortly there after.

Man On The Moon:

Cadense is a 16 year old producer. Did not note his location, but his beats are pretty dope.

$80 Beat:

Duel Of The Fates:

Space Race:

D.Hagood is a 17 year old artist from Anchorage, Alaska.


Jay Curry who you should already know from tracks on the site and on our most recent mixtape. He is from Long Beach, CA and lives in Palm Desert, CA.

The Go In:

The Wiz is an 18 year old artist/producer hailing from Boston and residing in Arizona.


Ev4n Holt is an 18 year old artist from San Diego, Ca and residing in A-Town.

Bittersweet Swishas:


Slow Down:

Jay B is a 15 year old artist/producer from producer and a rapper from Yakima, WA.

Cloud 9:

Don’t Do Me This Way:

’89 the Brainchild is 20 years old from Rahway, NJ.

Money Talks:

Aime is a 19 year old artist from Philly & Queens. Download his mixtape Class Act here.

Dope Boys: (off the tape)

Luck-One is a 21 year old artist from Portland, OR. Sample the tape here or hop straight to the download link. **If you do not download this tape, you do not like “Real HipHop.”**

*thanks Ed from clubondeck.

ComPL3xX is a 15 year old artist from Florida. Who recently dropped his mixtape, The Life Of Complex.

Doesn’t Belong:

CBTV is a 19 year old artist hailing from Temple, Texas. Most of you should already know C.B. from Empty Sodacans & Minivans. Check his interview with us here.

Jedi Mind Trix Episode 2:

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