Soar Losers – Cap City Blue

This is a fresh new project from Cap City Blue called “Soar Losers.” This comes as the first full-length release from DMV’s premiere progressive Hip-Hop jam band.

The absolute hardest part of writing your band’s introductory biography is getting the reader on to the second sentence. Well, here you are, right along with DMV natives Cap City Blue, a band that is a breath of fresh air in a hip-hop world ripe with identity crisis. “Band” is nothing if not the keyword: Cap City Blue is a modern fusion of all things hip-hop, rock, electronic, improvisational – you name it – that works on the cardinal rule that music is borne of live instrumentation and real songwriting. Composed of fluid MC MellowMarsh and multi-instrumentalist producer Zack, Cap City Blue’s songs are original stratospheric symphonic concoctions woven together by a tangled web of ink-hearted poetry. Always ready to jam, Cap City Blue is a band that merely wants to offer a new and exciting dimension to the hip-hop game.

1. Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
2. Yvonne’s Last Dance
3. Audio Overdose
4. Gravity Let Me Go
5. Gunsmoke Intercourse
6. Up Here
7. Inspiration
8. The Effortless Cool
9. Idiot’s Guide to Open Heart Surgery
10. Where Love and Gone
11. Urban Glow
12. Felt Real
13. Up, Down, Left? Right!
14. Greetings
15. Red 5
16. Sally & the Aristocrats
17. Murderers’ Row
18. Prelude to Silence


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