Spotlight Artist: Charmingly Ghetto

In this spotlight we include an interview, spotlight on his producers, & information on his upcoming project. Charmingly Ghetto, the Boston native, erupted onto the Hip Hop community with his acclaimed release through, Overstanding[…]

Introduce yourself to our readers (Where you from, What does your name stand for):
I go by the name of Charmingly Ghetto. I was raised in Boston, MA yet my vision for sharing the music extends far beyond the area, the region and even the country. I want my music to reach the farthest corners of the globe. The name Charmingly Ghetto is derived from WEB DuBois’ social theory/commentary of the “double conciousness”. It basically sums up the duality of the life people of color in America are faced with in a struggle created by outside forces. Its also how I define myself; sort of a “jack of all trades” who can navigate through this wilderness we call life while preserving myself, my culture and my values.

How is your new international mixtape “Study A’Broad” different from your mixtape (Overstanding)?
This tape is different on a few levels. Firstly, my first project was solely produced by the Introspective Minds camp (S/O to them for holding the kid down) and this new project is produced by a cast of producers from all over the world; all the way from England to New Zealand and back. I really wanted to harness the power of the internet, the hip hop fans from all over the globe and challenge myself to tailor the direction of the project to be something that people everywhere can feel connected to. The IM family will be featured on this project; they produced the street single we released from the project “Alone in The World” featuring a dope verse by the homie R.E.K.S. from the ShowOff camp (BIG thanks to him for being an inspiration).

How were the responses for your project Overstanding?
People really received my project very well. For an artist that needs to be heard like myself I could not have asked for better love from the people around me. The homies over at featured my release on their site back in June and since then people have been downloading it, reviewing it (S/O to The Company Man over at for the live radio review of the EP) and giving me feedback. I can say that it served its purpose as a blueprint for people to identify my subject matter, gain a feel for my voice and flow and enjoy hearing an MC that loves to rhyme.

What makes you & I.M. gel so well?
I think that it’s the passion for growth that makes us gel so well on the production and rhyme tip. We both strive for a hip hop sound that we either love or that we want to hear; it just happens to come off so clean and so genuine that we continue to collab. I really believe in the talents of those cats and they will continue to make great music and as long as we have a great relationship I will continue to script over their gems. Word up.

What message are you trying to give with your mixtape “Study A’Broad”?
I want to deliver the message of understanding that influence and inspiration may come from the place you may not expect if you don’t allow your talents to let you know where you are loved. The producers on this project pushed me and encouraged me to create and develop this idea because we shared a common goal of creating a hip hop sound that we love and that we missed.

I hope the message that hip hop is a worldwide sound and culture with different influences gets across loud and clear; I guess it will all depend how loud people play it haha.

Any features on Study Abroad that you want to share?
The project is featuring R.E.K.S., the homie K. Sparks and a team of songwriters/singers that I have been blessed to meet up with in my travels by the name of Thee Invisibles. Just enough features added and just the right dash of flavor to add to the mix.

Who you got behind this project (sponsor, hosting)?
The homies at will be hosting the project and we intend on reaching out to publications, blogs and sites all over the world. If people need more info or would like to be a part of spreading the word they can shoot an email to or hit the Twitter at @CGhettoTheMC.

Charmingly Ghetto, the Boston native, erupted onto the Hip Hop community with his acclaimed release through, Overstanding. The project, produced by Introspective Minds (Atlanta), displayed a raw talent paired with a mature outlook of his surroundings. Building off the tremendous success and global feedback from this first EP, Charmingly Ghetto is endeavoring to take his lyrical insights on the human condition to the next level. The result is a project of global scale, Study A’Broad. Collaborating with producers from numerous countries around the world, Study Abroad is the realization of CG’s goal to express his art to a worldwide audience through the powerful connectivity of the internet. Like the project itself, the message expressed by Charmingly Ghetto is meant for a universal audience, addressing timeless issues affecting societies across the globe.

Producers off of Study A’Broad:

The International Mixtape include:
DTunez and SmoothKingBoehm (Germany), Cypria (UK), Pajozo (Sweden), Abstrakt Idea (Iceland), Introspective Minds (USA), The Enovator (New Zealand), JC_BeaTzZ (Luxembourg; now residing in Spain)

Release Date: Monday, 11/14/11

Current Media (tracks and videos) from Study A’Broad:

Study A’Broad Producer Spotlight: Pajozo (Sweden)

Study A’Broad Producer Spotlight: Cypria (UK)

Study A’Broad Tracklist:

Glory – produced by Introspective Minds (US)
2 The Essence featuring Colo – produced by DTunez (Germany)
I.C.G. (It’s Charmingly Ghetto) – produced by Cypria (England)
From Time to Time – produced by Pajozo (Sweden)
Starter Hats – produced by The Enovator (New Zealand)
Simplicity (Complex Man) – produced by Alli Abstrakt (Iceland)
Pursuit of Happyness (Nice 2 Meet U) – produced by The Enovator (New Zealand)
Alone in the World featuring R.E.K.S. – produced by Introspective Minds (US)
Follow Me featuring Thee Invisibles (Brother O’Hare) on vocals – produced by JC_BeaTz (Luxembourg via Spain)
Put It On – produced by The Enovator (New Zealand)
Lyrical Bliss – produced by DTunez (Germany)
HollyHood featuring K. Sparks – produced by Pajozo (Sweden)
Che Magnifique – produced by JC_BeaTz (Luxembourg via Spain)

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  1. CG’s music is crack! The game needs more artists like him. He thinks outside of the box and is consistent with his message. Top quality, more people need to follow him.

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