Strobe x Essex – “Charades” (Prod. By Jamille Malik) [Video]


How can you let your dreams turn into nightmares? It’s quite clear. You didn’t try hard enough. Or is it that you don’t care? And if you didn’t you can’t hate your boys when they shine; running in them streets when you should’ve been on your grind.

Right behind the single my folks dropped the visuals AND “The Grand Arrival” (EP). I remember like it was yesterday. Nice work, fellas. Stopping all the “Charades” and getting on that grind…hard! Hip-Hop needs more of this. Aural Essex and Strobe IW. ‘Two cats from Boston, (Dorchester to be exact) who love Hip-Hop, anime, graffiti, and the truth,’ according to their Facebook fan page. Good dudes. Came across their work a good while back, listening in to Boston’s Time Travelin’ Radio (hosted by my good people DJ Nomadik and Darcie Nicole… what up ladies!). Called into the show, chatted ’em up, and stayed in touch. Proud to know them.

Usually, Essex is the main mic gripper; leaving the beat banging and business wrangling (for IW Records / Dorchester Univercity – label / manufacturing & merchandising) to Strobe. But on this chumpy, props given to producer Jamille Malik for music so cold I got shivers.



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