Summer Live Festival @ Starz – 7.30.11

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we’re out at Starz for the Summer Live Festival. The Hip-Hop stage, hosted by DJ Creap, consisted of: DJ Creap, Full Metal F-Dot & the Bandtastic Four, J Mike, Cooley Kimble, Renzo, Ill Faded, Mike Ro, Sqwa Pro, Chane, Parking, Kyle Hubbard, GoREALah Soul, Richie Roc, and Sun of G-Unit/Zoolife. The event was put on by Pusher Entertainment.

So, this was the first big music festival out in Katy, which is far West Houston. This is our backyard, so I was pretty happy to see the announcement for this. Even happier when I saw the lineup. If you’ve followed our REUPSpot Live series, you’ll recognize some of those names. If you haven’t been following, click here and get familiar. Go ahead, We’ll all wait.

The event was to have 2 stages, outside and inside, one rock and one hip-hop. They also where suppose to have a Bikini Contest at the end of the night, with a $600 cash price. I’ll explain the ‘suppose to’ part a bit later. The event also boasted free ice block shots, drink specials, liquor representatives passing out shots, and all of that, throughout the day. Good times.

It kicked off around 3pm. With it going till 2, had a long day of Hip-Hop in front of me. And booze. Showed up just around 3pm. I expected some more people to be at the outside rock stage. But, it was hot as shit. Though, we’re use to that. So we made our way inside to check out the crowd. At this point, it was pretty small, but growing. A lot more people in there than normally would have been at 3pm on a Saturday, that’s for sure.

To kick off the show, was Full Metal F-Dot and the Bandtastic Four. First met them out at a Turnin’ Headz show. As the name suggests, Full Metal F-Dot rocks the stage with a full band (guitar, bass, and drummer). I’m loving the live instrument sound. Full Metal F-Dot is lyrical, positive, and real in his music. When I say positive, I don’t mean that, everything is fine no matter what fake smile, positive. I mean realistic, encouraging, positive. More in a, ‘yeah, some shits fucked up, lets try to make it better’ way. He got the show off the a good start. Some of the bar regulars, not aware that a hip hop show had just broken out, where even jamming to him.

Next up was J Mike. Another artist we’re covered before, but only briefly. He had Presha and Abstrakt with him on stage. Their sound was a lot different from the last act. More banging, southern style beats, with more aggressive lyrics spit over them. In hype fashion. It was a good set. Longer than I got to see him the first time as well, got a better idea of his music.

Cooley Kimble was up next. We’ve covered shows which Cooley’s performed before, and there pretty cool guys. Very into the music as well. They say swag too much, though. Beside that fact, this was a cool set. If you want to learn more about Cooley and fam, check out this great interview our buddy Chuck from Trackstar Laxative did.

Next up, the homie Renzo. If you have not caught onto Renzo yet, first off, the fuck? Second, check out his tapes. All of them are dope. Unlike a lot of artists, there are themes for each of his albums. They also always have a intro to the project, to let you know what to expect. Renzo recently released his newest mixtape ‘On My Sleeve‘, so he of course did some tracks off that. Show was good as usual. The music is solid lyricism, over solid, and often more unique, beats. Some songs are funny, some serious, all real.

Following Renzo, the F.U.C.C.E.O., we had Mike Ro and Coache Johnson, with Jose in the mix, from Ill Faded Music Group. They’re a local label, doing some very big things. Check out Mike Ro’s newest CD ‘Dirty Jobs’, available on iTunes, featuring Devin The Dude, Kirko Bangz, Chief and more. Had never seen them live, though. Good set. Even got some audience participation, and being still early in the day, that was harder than normal. Mike Ro went first, spitting some of his tracks, including ‘Take yo Bitch’ featuring Devin the Dude. After Mike, they had singer Coache Johnson break it down for the audience. Didn’t know they’re was a singer on deck, but the set was pretty cool. Not my personal style, but the crowd was liking it.

Sqwa Pro, one of two acts I hadn’t heard, was up next. Three guys in the group. Tracks where more the club banger type beats, with fly talk spit over them. 2 of the three members had shiny shirts. They where hype as shit on stage though, and where for sure into there tracks. They got the crowd to pay attention to them, which at this point of the day was a bit harder to do.

The homie Chane was next. Another act that you must stop what your doing, after reading this article of course, and go download this man’s music. Beats are banging, and are often times beats made by his dad, or by himself. You can hear both the Philadelphia and Texas influences, as Chane’s childhood was split between the two. The lyrics are grown-folks lyrics, well thought out and arranged. Just real life shit all around. Chane always wrecks the stage shows as well. You can see the passion for his music in his performances.

Now, at some point, the power went out. Something with the transformer. Not sure, we never did find out. Well, I’m sure someone did, we personally never did. The bar was very smart though, in giving away free shots and beer until they got it worked out. So luckily the crowd didn’t get much smaller. They we’re giving out Ice Block shots as well. Whatever liquor you wanted, even good kinds. I wasn’t about that, as it was still earlier, and my main goal is to cover the show, not get shit-faced at 5pm. Anyhow, they got the power situation worked out, and the show was back in business.

Parking, who’s from Austin, played sort-of after the power fiasco. I say sort of, because it wasn’t 100% handled yet. Parking is always a good show though. There music is very different, and very dope. Very lyrical with the flows, and beats are just nasty. Great combination. For one of the songs they brought up a singer for the chorus. They cut the set a bit short though, because of all the problems. Be sure to check out their album on iTunes.

The homie Kyle Hubbard was next on deck. On this night, he had a live drummer with him. As I mentioned, I’ve loving the live instruments. As a former drummer, I’m loving that particular instrument especially. Kyle’s music is dope. He did not get Houston Press’s Underground Artist of the Year for nothing. Crazy lyricism, that is very real and genuine. Want to know more about Kyle? Listen to his music. There’s Kyle. Show was a good one, and it was cool to see him rockin’ in Katy.

Oh shit. The party crashers are here. Until I originally met GoREALah Soul, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as professional party crashers. But there are, and they are pretty epic. They consist of You Genius (The Misfit of R&B) and DJ Juan 1. DJ Juan 1 also sometimes comes in full ninja panda get up, but as he said ‘it’s too hot for that shit’, or something similar. I don’t blame him. Costumes or not, these guys shut shit down when they come in. They have air-horns, confetti, a beer-cooler-speaker, everything. You Genius is great with the crowd, and always gets a lot of participation. You can hire them to come do this at your house party, or any occasion, also. Wild.

One of the last acts up was the homie Richie Roc. Richie Roc is that dude, and always comes to wreck. He also likes to get the crowd participating, and generally has some tracks he livens them up with. The music is real Hip-Hop, also. Dope beats, covered with doper verses. Not an overly Southern feel, but you can for sure hear the influence. Basically, anybody could rock to Roc, not just Houston. (As with most of the Artist’s we fuck with.) If you haven’t heard his music yet, check out this tape, and be on the lookout for Part 2.

Last up, and the headliner for the night, was G-Unit/ZooLife representative, Sun. It was weird, because someone a week before I heard about this show, asked me if I’d ever heard of Sun. And we where in the same bar. Odd. Regardless, him and his friend where cool people, and had been out at the show most of the day. Which is whats up. They did not just come for there set, then leave. They cut the set pretty short. But at that time, it was late, and people where drunk, and not paying as much attention to the stage. They thanked us for coming out on there way out of the building, and they were off.

Then it was last call, basically. No bikini contest. Not sure why. As I’m married, I couldn’t have cared less, but some of the other people seemed to be upset about it. Mainly the super drunk guys that came solely for that. Maybe next year fellas. Dope day of music though, and a very successful event overall, with a large amount of people coming throughout the day.

We’ve got videos and pictures below. If you like a video, send it to one of your friends. Or post on Facebook. Or a combination of those things.

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