SWEET 16’s (Mobile App)

SWEET 16’s is a songwriters app for all artists – from the music industry professional, to the street corner songwriting lyricist. SWEET 16’s allows you to write, organize, and share lyrics while on the move. While Song Titles mode enables you to select instrumentals and write full songs with verses, bridges, hooks ect., Lyricist Lounge mode allows you to separate your verses from your hooks. In Performance mode the songwriter can see their work on a separate page – presenting easily readable text as well as changing color options. The screen doesn’t dim out in Performance mode, preventing you from losing your place or interrupting your work. You can also edit any changes on the spot – allowing the songwriter to deliver vocals in the recording booth in a timely manner. On-the-fly writer’s block search engine allows songwriters to plug a letter in and receive word suggestions. Lastly, the Twitter Feed mode gives you the option to check the latest tweets from the people you follow in the industry instantly.

Download HERE.

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