Swinging Swords With Gary Samurai

Anime, video Games, comics, and music…sounds like the recipe for an interesting interview with 17 year old Garrot Johnson! Check out my interview with the ATL bred artist below! ENTER THE SAMURAI!!!

Curbside Jones: Well 1st and foremost I’d like to say what’s hannenin’ (atl voice)…and 2nd of all…thanks for sitting down with reupspot! Tell the world how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life man!

Gary: Ayeeee, lol. & no problem, yo. I’m glad you guys took the time to sit down with ME, lol. Well, I’m actually doing pretty good, just living. Making music & skating. & my life is just chill. Tons of anime, comic books, & horror movies. lol.

Curbside Jones: Oooh!! Anime, comics and horror movies? What are your faves in all the categories?

Gary: Well, my faves for Anime would have to be: Cowboy Bebop, Fooly Cooly, Afro Samurai, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Outlaw Star, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, & COUNTLESS others. lol.
Comics: Green Lantern, Hell Boy, Spawn & wayyy more. lol. Horror: A Nightmare On Elm Street (all), ALL zombie movies, & anything that will scare the piss out of me. lol.

Curbside Jones: You named a few of my favorite anime titles, as far as comic book…eh I slack in that area but I do fox with the scary movies hardcore foooor sure! Speaking of Afro Samurai, was he the inspiration behind your latest project “The Way Of The Samurai“? Because you did use a scene from the movie as your cover.

Gary: Yes, he truly was. Just the story behind why he fights relates to me so much. The actual culture of the samurai & whatnot was a basis for my tape, as well. Samurais believe that you’re supposed to live everyday as if you can die in an instant. To live with no regrets. So, I took all of my knowledge on that, & put it into my first project. lol.

Curbside Jones: Maaan, I guess we’re beefing because I live that ninja life cuh! Lol But that’s pretty heavy stuff man, how long did it take you to put together? And since it is your 1st project, do you feel it was a success? And what do you think you could’ve done different?

Gary: Lmao! If that’s what it has to be, cuh! Well, actually it only took me about a month or two to write the entire thing and I recorded the entire tape in all of 6 hours. lol. Yea, I definitely feel that it was a success, I’m glad I could listen to it and bump my own music. Plus, ALOT of people downloaded & listened to it. I was suprised with how great it did. Some things I could have done differently would have been to take way more time recording it, get it mixed better, & possibly do better on “Back From Lemuria.” lol.

Curbside Jones: Damn 6 hours? Trying to do it Jay-z style huh? Lol it takes me 6 hours just to finalize a 3 verse beat! Haha how long have you been writing music?

Gary: Naw, bro. Just pressed for time. & that’s because you’re the illest! Well, I’ve been writing music for about 6-7 years, but I just recently started wanting to put it to music. lol.

Curbside Jones: That’s a very long time! Lol I’m hitting around those years too…as an artist, what inspires you to write? Do you light scented candles and watch reruns of outlaw star in the dark? Or is it more sacred? Lol

Gary: I guess, lol. LMAO! Naw, no candles. I just take whatever happens, or what’s going on & make it into a song. Or, I just make my favorite anime into a song. I like for my music to be real.

Curbside Jones: Maaaan, no candles? You’re tripping bro! Haha so if you WERE to do a soundtrack to any anime what would it be and why?

Gary: Lol, I’m sorry yo! I’ll try it out. Oh, it would definitely be between Afro Samurai, Outlaw Star, or Samurai Champloo. & Just because those are shows that I know my music would be dope for!

Curbside Jones: Sweeeet! So what other things musically do you have in the works? What’s the next big project you’re working on? And who can we expect on it, because “The Way Of The Samurai” only had 1 feature

Gary: Well, I actually have a couple singles that I’m working on right now. I don’t really have a project yet, haven’t had any real inspiration for one. & you can expect tons of people! YOU, LeVi, Self Explanatory, J.Rizzy, Fed Ex, and hopefully all of the people that I’ve met who are anime heads & people I wish to meet soon.

Curbside Jones: Oh yeah brother!!!!! (Hulk hogan voice) sounds like a cool little line up! So being an artist in and from the south, do you feel like the type of music you make puts you at an advantage? Or disadvantage? Because people do expect and want a certain sound from you…believe it or not

Gary: Yea, brotha! lol. Well, the music I make puts me at both. It’s an advantage because my music is way more different & creative. Most people out here aren’t doing anything close to what I’m doing. It’s a disadvantage because most people in the south don’t want to hear anything knowledgeable. They’d rather hear the same song about weed & partying. I’m not into any of that, anymore. I’m trying to push the positivity, feel me? And, I’m also trying to show that people from the south are actually doing something BIGGER than most people realize. I’m cool with the disadvantage, though. lol.

Curbside Jones: That’s what I try to tell people, the region shouldn’t depict what you’re doing! The south, right now is in a revolutionary stage! People fail to realize Outkast is from the south, 9th Wonder is from the south, Little Brother is from the south…so many diff styles and so much content can be found. But that’s good that you don’t sell out because you’re just getting started you don’t want to start off with a cliche image! Are there any last inspirational words you have for the youth of today?

Gary: Oh my god, all of that is so true! If only others understood. & yea man, I try to keeps it real, lmao. I just really want the youth to know that being cool doesn’t mean anything. I was once & still somewhat am, “LAME“. People like to label you something, until you do something that can benefit them. Just always remain YOU. Don’t ever compromise. Oh yea, and read tons of manga, watch anime & horror movies, play video games, and just have FUN! lol.

Curbside Jones: I couldn’t have said it any better myself! Any last min shout outs?

Gary: Of course! I want to shout out anime, all the lame & unpopular kids, LeVi, J.Rizzy, Fed Ex, Self Explanatory, Curbside Jones(lol), KidD Steve, Dylan Tran, The ENTIRE DPF, all the blogs that have supported me & my music, and reupspot for giving me this oppurtunity!

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