t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 ft. Devin the Dude and Matt G – Destiny

The story consists of a Trailer done in the style of a movie, followed by two music videos that tell a story.

Destiny (plot)

The first video called Destiny (ft Devin the Dude and Matt G) explores the idea of every star in the sky being an alternate universe in which there are different versions of ourselves living significantly different lives. Mike the Model, plays a character who makes a connection with Mayra Leal (Machete, Playing House) in every alternate reality. The connection is sometimes romantic, sometimes brief, but the idea is that no matter what path his life takes, some things are destined to happen. In this case, he is destined to meet this girl in every reality and she is destined to aid him in significant ways.

Ima Martian (plot)

In Ima Martian (ft. WeedyMan), we pick up from the end of Destiny which lands Mike’s Character in a reality in which he is classified as clinically Insane. The twist is that from those very stars explored in the previous video, come two Aliens who seek to rehabilitate the “MisFits” of society (get it?!) and help them assimilate back into the real world. In the end Mike’s character is “fixed”, and upon returning to the asylum we see that all of the other inmates are waiting and ready to be helped as well.

Budget and interesting facts

These videos were shot with a budget of $0 and were filmed two years ago. Due to many changes in my life and Scott’s (the videographer) life we had to put this on hold but always planned to come back to it. Now, two houses, 1 marriage, and 1 baby later we are picking up from the same place we left off. The creative elements you see were not by accident, and although I included a lot in this write up, there any many Easter eggs left to be found. Everyone involved enjoyed making the videos and doing something a little different.

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  1. I can honestly say that I am sick of Houston/southern rappers. They are still rapping the exact same way. I don’t mean to call out names but Devin, Bun, Trae, Flip, the whole SPC, and the worst of them all Swisja House ( and whoever the hell this guy is…) it’s no wonder these “Legends” haven’t had a hit in 10 years. #jussayin #stepitup

  2. Are you kidding me?! @boob you’re absolutely absurd into make these false claims! The artists you named are legends bc of their lyrical content! Meanwhile you’re talking bs from behind computer screen and no one knows any song you’ve ever been featured on! To my homie Crazy bruh you wreck keep up the grind Hun!

  3. Crazy8 has more than just bars, he has content as do majority of the Southern artists that @boob listed. Riddle me this does @boob rap? If he doesn’t than that explains a lot in my eyes.

  4. @Devin da boob what you know about Southern rap, i could pass comfortably through my urethra. Trae has his own day and Devin’s name still carries weight. These guys dont change their style to fit what everyone else is doing. thats prolly why Devin even got on wit dis nigga (who is pretty nice if u listen to the lyrics)

    in short… respect your elders….boy.

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