TEE – “Bacc 2 Bacc” (Prod. By Teezo Touchdown)

TEE's “Free Jody Pt. 1” Mixtape Is Out Now

YES! New music from TEE makes me happy. Getting to share it with you here, even happier! Check out this “Bacc 2 Bacc” joint off his “Free Jody Pt. 1” mixtape in the stream. More info on TEE after the jump, but just jump on this right now.

Forever grateful that TEE blessed a mixtape near-and-dear to me back in the day; the same one that BoneBreaker Jones, NatStar, and SkyBlew did – the ‘Livin Proof’ Re-Booth project (linked here). I’m a fan stan of them all, TEE included!



We should have been on the map as far as the music scene go… just a lot of hatin’… a whole lot of hatin’…

TEE speaks pure truth on that. By now, you’ve seen a couple of rappers out of Beaumont/Houston on here giving Texas a good look… finally, after getting overlooked. I have been an admirer of TEE’s work, having had the privilege of speaking with the brother from time-to-time, for years. Knowing that he was a BEAST, it has caused me pain to not see dude get his due. But TEE was a soldier even before he did that stint in the Army. He put on the battle gear and continued to charge the field and go get some. To achieve victory! And now TEE is seeing light; as is Beaumont. And rightly so.

Watch this video. Feel his conviction. It’s real. I can testify.

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