The Big Payback’s Top 5 Albums Of 2107 (No. 4)

What’s up good people… We’re right back with at. Coming at number 4 is an MC that understands the art… A total package when it comes to Hip-Hop. Creativity, lyricism, storytelling abilities, introspective joints… The whole nine. The way this artist moves and creates is nothing like we’ve seen before. With this album alone, there were so many speculations about it that it demanded your attention. He took notes out of his predecessor’s book and carved his own lane. In today’s time, you find it harder to find someone who is different from the mainstream artist but still well respected and held to a higher standard. Now I know, I know, I know some people may think I’m tripping with this placement, but who gives AF. When I look at the body of work in its entirety, it’s dope, but I feel there some weak moments on the album that I couldn’t overlook. Whether it was the beat selection, or the features, or even the rhyme structure on certain songs kinda left me hanging. Comparing the last releases to this one I hear a different direction being taken while still remaining in the same vein as all the other projects. But at the end of the day, with this artist you already know he’s going to give a solid album. He’s meticulous (big word for you MF’s look it up) and calculated so you know this album is worth the ride!


At Number 4 I got to go with Kendrick Lamar- DAMN


Stand Out Songs:




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