The Big Payback’s Top 5 Albums Of 2107 (No. 5)

What’s going on good people? Aight! So, I’m just going to get down to business, 2017 has been very generous to us when it comes to Hip-Hop, we saw some living legends return to the mic, as well as, new comers and not so new comers come out with some heat for the streets. With so much music coming out this year, I’m going to present what I feel like the Top 5 Albums of the Year are. Now, if you see an album and you don’t think it belongs on the list, or you don’t see an album on the list then send that your opinion to Keep in mind, when I selected these albums I had a criterion that I went by: Lyricism, Song Quality, Album Flow, Cohesiveness, and Creativity amongst other characteristics.

So, getting right to it, at Number 5, I gots to go with an MC who has been slept on and looked over for a majority of their career. This person can literally lyrically spar with an MC they are placed in front of. Their latest released carried some hard-hitting lyrics, impressive guest features, storytelling joints, soulful beats, and an album that flowed through the bullshit that a lot of these so-called “artist are putting out. Without further ado, my Number 5 album is Rapsody- Laila’s Wisdom
If y’all haven’t had a chance to check out this album, you are missing an album of pure Hip-Hop. Pure Hip-Hop in the sense that the lyricism, beats, and concepts make a perfect combination. Rapsody was able to cater to both men and women while not compromising her sound. This joint is DEFINITELY a must to listen to.

Stand Out Songs:
Nobody (feat. Anderson.Paak, Black Thought & Moonchild)
Black & Ugly (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)


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