The Good People – “Sidewalk Barbecue” feat. A-F-R-O x Termanology (Video)

The Good People Getting Live... Like That Y'all... And That's All!

When emcees like Term & A-F-R-O put it down, and I come across it, I feel compelled to put it up on here. Because DOPENESS! Plus Dub MD dropped the gem right into my inbox. So there’s that… PLUS dope!

“Sidewalk Barbecue” is a summertime banger! The latest single from The Good People [Emskee & Saint] features fiery guest appearances from A-F-R-O and Termanology. Shot and directed by Shock B, this visual is a good-time street cookout featuring each of them sharing libations, meats and bars. “Sidewalk Barbecue” appears on the recently released “The Summer EP” out now via Below System Records. “In the same spirit as Main Source’s “Live At The Barbecue” we wanted to do a joint with some of today’s top spitters. If you notice the song has the same structure as “Live At The Barbecue” four 16 bar verses with a 4 bar hook in between.”
The Good People



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