The Launch of V2

So, as you’ve probably noticed, the site is a bit different. This is the new version we’ve been working on, and that we’ll be celebrating the launch of tonight at Thatbar in Houston (If your in town, come check it out)

Since we first started this site, we have grown a good amount. We now have 4,500+ posts, 750+ mixtapes, 450+ original videos, along with a bunch of other original content. The first version just wasn’t able to display all of that content well enough. So this new version is a lot more organized, and highlights all of the different dope hip-hop we have to offer.

The other really cool thing about this design is it’s responsive. Which means no matter what you view the site on, (computer, tablet, smartphone) it will still look great. So you can browse from any where very easily.

You’ll notice some other cool new things throughout the site. Like the mixtapes & videos in the sidebar, our new Music Submission page, Email Newsletter Opt-in in the footer, cleaned up About Info, along with a cool custom layout for our REUPSpot TV categories and posts. And the simplified navigation should make finding what your looking for a lot easier.

We’ve also added some floating social bookmarking buttons to all of the posts. So, if you like something, you can share it in Twitter or Facebook, or both. If you haven’t already liked on Facebook, you can also do that easily from the sidebar.

We hope ya like to new look. And we’d like to thank all of our great readers, because without y’all there wouldn’t have been much of a Version 1, let alone Version 2 of So appreciate y’all rocking’ with us, and stay tuned because we’ve got a lot of other cool things coming this year!

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