The Natural – Stay Schemin’

The Natural spazzes out over Rick Ross’s track. Lyrics below video.

I said I’d take over this game when I decide
confidence is kanye on drugs, bout ye’ high
and thats something u cant deny
rappers tryna diss me is COMMON they wont get a reply
i know these critics always known for testing
still theres no regressing
cuz thats the last thing on my mind when im recording sessions
i made my own direction
my self esteems an albino, it aint got no complexions
i don’t need a metaphor for this, im already fly no need for metamorphosis
rappers better forfeit this, not stayin in accordance with
sniper on the rooftop, got em in my coordinates
i see y’all cats lurking, damn certain
the backlash from these rap cats got me laughing back till my abs hurting
this be my habitat and im gladly puttin that rap work in
im all they talkin bout, griffin on yo ass, perkins
my own grind, my mind is dark but im gon shine
climbed that ark back in noahs time
yea im a beast in my own mind
no time like show time
tryna tell me its yo time
nobody tell me when im finna do it, when i wanna do it, its go time
funny how these people aint wanna do shit witcha
when you bout to blow, they wanna pull the pin witcha
but i nevermind cuz if i only focus on the negatives
iprobably never get to see the big picture
who gon take the crown….they saying he will
theres two meanings when i say that you should keep steel
sad part is i just do this for a cheap thrill
money on the hush last month a made a meek mill
ill, no question bout it
whole damn world betta recognize it
aint making money boy im enterprising
plans get stalled then im improvising
never get the strategy the kids devising
spitting aint a choice its a sickening vice
and i cant fight back like my fists are tied
never had to power to minimize it
now slow it down…they wont survive it now
yea i see y’all rappers looking kinda frail
your chick is hollering i figure that i might as well
and make em say AHHH..tyga yell
so understand, i was made to be a made man
your buzz is upside down, ur like a keg stand
i keep it wavy like drake’s hand/ state of the union?
cali rappers need a union for our state, fam
im authentic, range rover is all tinted
dogs finished, before i before my darn sentence
im jeffery dahmer with nostradamus, im an odd mixture
homicidal with the hardest writings and hard liquor
raw spitter, im everything that you rappers fear
they gotta run to the heat, ex cavalier
you know im suited im, ya i got my battle gear
i swear they scared of the top, thats the stratosphere

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