Thelonious Martin & iLLVibes Present: Beats For Lovers

It’s been over a week since Valentine’s Day has passed. Just imagine how many relationships have come and gone, how many have started and disappeared, and the frequency with which the word love has been used by many. Beats for Lovers is the culmination of this raw emotion – whether we want to accept love or deny its power. Produced mainly by Thelonious Martin and presented by iLLVibes, Beats for Lovers is a story for all about how we deal with this feeling: as much as we try to understand and truly think we know what it means, we could never fully comprehend the exact essence of love. These emcees responded exactly as expected – in their own unique ways, with their own comprehension and understanding of love, from a story about the beauty of love and the ideal of love as a transcendental power to the very reason why someone becomes distraught and frustrated with another. There is no human nature without love – love of another, love of family, love of friends, love of an object or passion – it is as necessary as the air we breathe, and every day we are constantly reminded by its inexorable force throughout us. – iLLVibes



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