I have seen posts on Tom P and I apologize 1000x for not paying attention. There is just so much artists coming out nowadays, it’s so hard to keep up. I thank the homie, Yomi, for preaching game to me and perking up my ears to Tom P out of Decatur, GA. I love that nowadays, talented MCs do not always have to fit the typical stereotype. Tom may look like an average dude chillin on the sidewalk, but his above-average lyrical gift to gab will have you saying “Where did this dude come from and how can I hear some MORE!!”.

With production provided by J. Pardon, Tom’s first cut off Root for the Underdog explains what he is all about. You can cop his latest project off his website for $5, with it also coming soon to Itunes. Fire up your Paypal accounts, because you will get alot of bang for those 5 bux. Official premier videos from Tom P coming in September/October time frame.

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