Topic-Finally Confident (Album)

I met the homie Topic during Sxsw this year through the homie KoolQuise, and the homie is super humble and chill…REAL COOL DUDE! We vibed to some beats in the dojo…had some freestyle sessions out around Austin, cooked at shows, and did hoodrat stuff! Fast forward a couple months and BAM! Out of no where he releases an album completely produced by him! The guy has some crazy skills with sampling and original beats. His style is very conscious but not preachy, and his beats compliment his style and voice. But this isn’t a review….that will come later! Just peep the description and jam the tunes! It isn’t free.99 but if you want to you can buy it! NO PRESSURE

finally confident is just that – the everlasting struggle for bravery in a world where you’re expected to keep quiet. this album is the result of me finally opening my eyes, my mouth, and my mind to speak on everything from religion, peer pressure, money, and the constant day-to-day battle to stay sane. this is the world directly as i percieve it. unfiltered. uncensored. just me. finally confident.“-Topic

Finally Confident

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