Tour members from The Weekend’s camp are under police investigation for alleged rape..

 According to TMZ, two temporary crew members on tour with The Weeknd are currently under criminal investigation after a woman claims she was raped backstage following the singer’s show. However TMZ was told that The Weeknd was out of the building before the alleged crime even took place.

Police sources told TMZ that a woman filed a report with the Ohio State University police station early Wednesday morning, claiming she was raped following The Weeknd’s show at the Schottenstein Center.

The woman was in a backstage area with two crew members, and TMZ sources say it’s possible one of the suspects filmed the attack.

Employees are reportedly hired for the tour city to city, and the two suspects are not a part of The Weeknd’s inner circle.

According to the police report, cops believe everyone was drunk during the alleged rape.  The report says “hands, feet and teeth” were the “weapons” used in the sexual asault.

As previously mentioned, The Weeknd had left the arena before the alleged rape even took place and is not involved in anyway or form. The XO Tour Manager and Live Nation Team tell us, “Upon learning of the accusations that two members of our tour staff are facing, we immediately terminated their employment. We are working with the authorities to ensure they have access to any information or assistance they may need.”

No arrests have been made yet, but the incident is currently under investigation. We’ll be sure to keep you posted moving forward. 

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