Trundeed – From The Bay 2 CT (Video) + Interview

Oakland-bred, Connecticut-based rapper TrUNDeed presents the Pixel Art-directed music video for “From The Bay 2 CT”, the Prestigious One-produced title track from his new album out now featuring Mistah F.A.B., Chris Webby and more.

What are some common misconceptions east coast people have about west coast people?

I think the biggest misconception that I hear on a daily basis is the fact that east coast people think everyone on the west coast is a gang banger! I try and explain that in the Bay Area it’s not like that at all. there are Bloods and Crips but not like it is in LA. the other misconception is that California is all the same which it is not. people who are not from there don’t understand that the Bay and LA is totally different from each other. The cities are six hours apart driving wise, but no we are all not gang bangers. I grew up in the hood and I have a lot of hood potnas but like a lot of other Baydestrians I graduated from high school and college and didn’t form to my environment.

How did you choose the guest appearances for From Da Bay 2 CT? How were most of the studio sessions conducted?

Choosing the artists came rather easy. I just wanted to hand pick the best from CT and I already knew Mistah F.A.B. from the Bay – one of my good childhood friends – so getting him was just a phone call and he was in. But far as CT goes, the majority of the artists I knew from networking around the town. But there were a couple I didn’t know. The story on how Chris Webby got on the project was pretty unique. I hit up Mistah F.A.B. and Chris on Twitter and wrote that it would be dope to them collab on a record. The next thing I know, F.A.B. chimed in and agreed and then Webby jumped in and agreed and a couple months later the “Hometown” record was born. the power of social media. I just did the good old-fashioned reach out to Natasha Ramos. I made a record called “Brown Eyes” and I had her in mind the whole time so when I got in touch with her she told me to send the record and when I did she loved it and that was all she wrote. The studio sessions are quite easy. In this day and age with all the technology, all I have to do is go in and record my parts and then email the other artist my work. They will do the same and then send it back. Really easy. Thank God for technology.

Your videos seem very personal. How do you come up with the ideas for them?

Well I’ve been blessed to have a great videographer who I have teamed up with for over the last two years. Luis Boria a.k.a. Chase Beats is the owner and director for Pixel Art Films. He approached me a couple years ago when he was just starting up and told me he wanted to shoot a video for me and 11 videos later we’re still going strong. He likes to think outside the box and is always coming up with creative ways to keep making the videos stand out. if you need a great visual to a great song hit up Luis @

What’s your favorite beat of all time and why?

That’s a hard question. There are so many beats and great songs from old to new. So what I’ll do is pick one old school track and one new school track. The old school track is going to be “Whatever You Want” by Tony Toni Tone. Yeah yeah yeah I’m a homer – Oakland’s finest. But everything about the beat musically is dope. No matter when I play that record it gets me juiced. Next record is “Renegade” by Jay-Z man that beat is bananas and the way him and Em flow on this track is ridiculous.

What’s next for you?

I just dropped my Album From The Bay 2 CT and I been getting a lot of exposure thanks to my PR rep James Dunn so what’s next is to keep working my album. I have a couple more videos that I’m going to drop. The next video will be track number five off my album Called “Liv It Up” featuring Ru Williams. The video is shot and done, we’re just in the edit phase now. After that I will be shooting my video to “The Formula”. Been getting booked for shows and hope to do a lot more by the time the year is out. Also working on my next project which I want to drop first quarter of 2016.

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