Tunk-“The Audition”(mixtape)

bio: Alias: Kevin Nathaniel Arradondo,Baby of 7 boys, From Midlothian Tx, south of Dallas Tx. #braingangmitsfits. college dropout so i attend #HAMUNIVERSITY!. lol..unemployed hip hop artist. blah blah! lol… Was given the name Tunk cause i ran over a kid in pee wee football. Now that im 21 i plan on Tank Flippin any and everything thats in my path trying to slow me down or bring me to a halt. Born April 18th 1989, blessed cause i almost didnt make it, but my moms said something told her not to get the abortion. Now im here providing music people actually listen to. Growing up moved around alot. Lived in the hood and lived in the burbs, i take the good/bad/truth from, all that ive experienced, write them down, and out of know where i will have a song. Im just a regular dude with regular problems in this regular world that seems to find a good time out of anything since i keep a positive attitude half the time. Writing music allows my mind to roam freely. Writing music brings me closer to peace. Writing brings me happiness. Keeping it 100 no 360, and never forgetting where i came from, and remembering i can go as far as i want to go in life. Life gave me lemons, not a limit

“The Audition is basically my application as an artist. Showing those who have never heard of me and those who doubted that I am dedicated! I am ready. Its my 3rd mixtape of 2010. Really could not give you a favorite at the moment cause i jam it all the way through none stop just about everyday. Its my thoughts, feelings, passion, and growth all in one. Producers like “The Tay” really set me off. Once i heard the TABA beat, I knew had everything in order. Crazy production, Crazy flows, Crazy tape period in my eyes! Featuring artist, Dave of the mohicans, Elhae, Rick Blaine, Laconda Davies, Sedrick Stylez”-Tunk


The audition

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