TwonDon – Paradise Ain’t Free (Album Stream + Review)

I’ve been following TwonDon for a very long time. With complete confidence and honesty I can say…every song before this EP has been his caterpillar stage. This EP is TwonDon’s metamorphosis into his own, his own brand/image/man/emcee/complete rapper/etc….

1. Paradise Ave.

Who ever produced this….is a BEAST.
“This sound like Birth Of A Nation”. Statement track..he said it best in that bar. From the start Twondon is letting you know BARS will be brought on this EP. My favorite part of hip-hop is when you can hear the hunger from an artist. This song delivers hunger, pain, energy, drive, blood, sweat & tears….

2. My City 201

Twon putting on for his city over a Mike Will-ish beat. This is built for summer radio.

3. Jennifer’s Song

Twon reflects on the trials and tribulations of a relationship. What he could have done better…What IF? Shoutout to the R. Kelly sample. Shoutout to the Queen Jennifer…Twon is sorry and loves you.

4. Black Bar Mitzvah

I didn’t think track one would be topped with BARS…I was wrong. Conversations with a villain….
Oh yeah Pro Era’s Dessa delivers that black excellence as well.

5. Lately

Head knodding commence. Nice, easy going…sing along chorus. Twon is in a hole similar to Batman being in Bane’s Pit & he is fighting his way out from all of the fake love about to BLOW!

6. Supreme

Dare I say….this is Twon’s “Memory Lane”?

7. Successful

Pure Genius to have Paraside Ave as the into, then this backwards beat Successful pulling it all together as the outro. I’m a dreamer through and through and damn can I ever relate to the message of this track. “I know the Journey to your dreams can have you feeling stressful, but man we just dying to be successful”.

Kudo’s to opening up and sharing his struggles and pouring out his heart to the listener. When he repeats the hook…you can genuinely hear that he means it from the bottom of his heart.

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