Vice Gripp – “Entering Broward County Vol. 2” MIXTAPE

The homey, Vice Gripp drops off the new tape, “Entering Broward County Vol. 2.” This guy is one of my favorite underground emcees around, and he probably don’t even know it.. THIS IS A RAW TAPE, he doesn’t soften his style for any one. Expect a lot of really uptempo and angry tracks from this guy while still filling an agenda. DOWNLOAD THIS AND ENJOY!

It’s finally arrived!!! Entering Broward County Vol. 2 by Vice Gripp – the long awaited, official sequel to Vol. 1 (which is available for free on, just search Broward). If you are into dope hip hop, this is your ticket for 2009!! Enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD because they won’t last long!! We appreciate all the Psykos who downloaded and supported this album. You are who we do this for!!! ENJOY!!!!



(via Pysko South)

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