Video of Cardi B getting kicked out of Hilton hotel!!!!!

The new queen of Hip Hop(?) Cardi B is back in the headlines tonight. This time its a video of Cardi being kicked/escorted out of a Hilton Hotel in Albany, New York. Around 1 am the Bodak Yellow hit maker was kicked out by the Hotel for being to loud. Other guest claim very loud noise was coming from her room. When confronted by the staff, Cardi went crazy. Cardi and her camp claim they were racially profiled their whole stay.

In the video you can see Cardi snapping and she even knocked over the hotel display. After that video we also posted Cardi’s response video to being kicked out. Cardi said the hotel really kicked her out for smoking weed which she claims she did not do. Check all the videos below

-Via HipHopOverload

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