Vocab Slick – Colorful Vocab (Video)

Bay Area, California rapper and Distant Relatives member Vocab Slick presents the music video for “Colorful Vocab”, the Hg-produced single from his Somethin’ Slick EP.

What’s the first rap song you ever heard. Do you remember where you were and how it affected you?

I remember being in LA with my parents visiting family. I was maybe nine or ten and I was with my cousins listening to music and I heard out of the stereo “nibble on my dicky like a rat does cheese”. Of course I know now that’s 2 Live Crew’s ”We Want Some Pussy” song but at the time I had no idea and I was amazed by what I heard. When I got home I happened to go to the flea market and picked up LL Cool J’s I’m Bad and was an Instant fan of hip-hop and threw myself into the culture. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Black Sheep’s first album that I wanted to be a rapper. When I first heard that album I memorized the whole thing and recorded myself rapping the whole album on my little boom box and went to school the next day bumping myself rapping that album. People thought I was crazy but it was over.

How did you hook up with Unjust at Hiero Imperium for the “Colorful Vocab” video?

I’ve Known Unjust for a while. We’re both in the Bay Area and know a lot of the same people, bumped into each other here and there It was just bound to happen. We hooked up to work on the video for ”Somethin’Slick” and I was real impressed with what he did so we decided to keep it going.

How do you feel about the response to your Somethin’ Slick EP?

I feel pretty good about the response. I mean I always think things can be better and bigger. That’s why I keep working. I think it was a pretty good start to lead the way with the releases I have planned.

What do you think is your biggest strength as an emcee?

I think my biggest strength is to be able to just do me, tell my story and be truthful. Regardless of what I’m saying is popular, I feel good about it . At the end of the day I make music I like, and if other people like it that’s dope and rewarding. We all want to be liked and it feels good. I’m just blessed that some people happen to like what I do. The main reason I emcee is therapy. It might not have been the reason I started but it’s the reason I continue to do so. Me being a recovering addict, I need to write songs and put my thoughts down. It helps me mentally and spiritually, and I love to emcee.

Are you working on an upcoming album? Tell us about it.

I recently put out a new album called Issues & Episodes. The album features Opio from Souls of Mischief and Martin Luther. I will be working some singles and videos off it shortly to get people more familiar. The album is just my way of working through some personal stuff; pretty dark and gritty stuff as well as some classic hip-hop tracks. The response from that has been great. I’m also working on recording a new album entirely produced by Rob Wright. Some really exciting stuff. So far it’s untitled.

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