Young Scolla – Worth It

Young Scolla’s exclusive record “Worth It” Produced By The Xtraordinary Gentlemen is featured in Noah Christofer’s Visual Mixtape “The [canDID] Project”.


The ‘canDID’ project is an honest depiction of life from the vision of noahCHRISTOFER. In the form of a visual mixtape (each song matched with a short video), the director has decided to re-introduce art and expression to the world of film-making. The project is compiled to a short film that touches the surfaces of art, ‘haters’, trials, triumphs, and women. Seeing that this project is the first of its kind, the director’s goal is to influence other visionaries to shift back to creating art for the purpose of personal expression. Also referenced as ‘life’s Palette’, the ‘canDID’ project relates life’s experiences to color. Each color has a sense of emotion and feeling behind it, which drives the imagery. Noah Christofer is known for his work of Audio Push’s ‘ya body’, g.o.d Jewels ‘All Things Go’, and his first feature which will be released in 2011 in film festivals worldwide, ‘The Last Shot’. Artist on ‘the candid project’ include : Audio Push, Young Scolla, g.o.d Jewels, The Boy Illinois, and The Famous Nobodies from his home city of Boston.

Watch The canDID Project.

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