Your Music REUP (5-1-12)

A little slow to get through my emails today do to a STATS final. So here you go, enjoy all this dope HIP-HOP! KidCam – BAMN (Mixtape), Con-Man – Off Da Hook (Mixtape), Jae Monee – Sophomoritis (Instrumental), Sha Stimuli – The TrueMan Show (Mixtape), Politiks -Symphony Vol. 2 (Instrumental), Philly Chase – Mirror (Video),Dubbs – Turn ‘Em Down (Video).

KidCam – BAMN (Mixtape)

KidCam is an 18 year old on the rise MC from Dallas, Tx. His debut mixtape “BAMN” (By Any Means Necessary) was just released on April 30, 2012. The tapes features KoolQuise & Terrence Spectacle of MARCHLOUD alongside him on the tape.

Con-Man – Off Da Hook (Mixtape)

Con-Man’s second mixtape release is Off Da Hook. The tape is just over 50 minutes of hip-hop, consisting of 20 total tracks. The premise of the tape was to focus on the verses. Too much of music nowadays relies on a catchy chorus or hook. I wanted to prove that hip-hop can be quality music without the repetitious nature of a few words. So in that sense this entire mixtape is Off Da Hook.

Jae Monee – Sophomoritis (Instrumental)

Sha Stimuli – The TrueMan Show (Mixtape)

The Trueman Show is an authentic look into Sha’s life using his music to convey his continuing struggles in the rap game, stepping into the world of the 9-5er and his love/hate relationship with the life that he left behind and what is not visible in the future, and the rise and fall of his personal and professional relationships (or is it just a metaphor). While we’ve heard Sha’s message before, we’ve not truly heard it like this, a cleansing of the soul, while rising up like the Phoenix from the ashes.

Politiks -Symphony Vol. 2 (Instrumental)

Philly Chase – Mirror (Video)

Dubbs – Turn ‘Em Down (Video)

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