YouTube Streams Could Start Counting Toward Album Sales

Via:  Mass Appeal

Just two years ago, the RIAA announced a new stipulation that took into account statistics from music streaming services when calculating album sales. Now the Billboard is reportedly on the verge of also incorporating YouTube streaming figures into their formula when determining the rankings on their charts.

According to a HitsDailyDouble report, negotiations between recently-hired YouTube music chief Lyor Cohen and Billboard president John Amato will lead to YouTube streams officially counting toward an album’s total sales figure—a number that currently incorporates physical album purchases, album downloads and on-demand streams.

While Billboard has yet to confirm or deny this news, it is the next logical step in the streaming industry’s attempt to influence the charts, and yet another way that YouTube can show it’s impact on the cultural and commercial landscapes. Last month the RIAA reached a settlement with a widely used YouTube ripping site, YouTube-MP3, forcing it to shut down all operations. The effort was perceived as a way for YouTube to better assess how content on its platform is performing. If YouTube views begin affecting Billboard numbers, the move could prove to have been even more of a game-changer than previously thought.

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